Top 5 ideas for website design

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You cannot call a website a good site just because it has great design or content. Every website needs to have a particular style which adequately delivers the essence of the content. Everyone might have a different opinion about designing a site, but it all depends on what website you are creating.

The following are some of the ideas of designing a website:

 Homepage must be simple and neat:

The attention span of your user will be about 5 to 8 seconds. Thus, you need to design a page which grabs the attention of your users. Keep the front page without any clutter. Do not have complicated animations or too much content on your website. Present your ideas neatly and simply. Each type of website needs to have a particular design which is apt for its purpose.

Have an easy to read web content:

When you have a site which has high readability measures your customers will have the ability to read what you have to say to them efficiently. Have a contrast between the text and the background of your site. Select colours which represent your brand and at the same time make sure that it blends well with the rest of the content on the website. Make sure that your text has a clear and readable font so that the users will be able to read the text without any problem.

Navigation must be simple:

Have solid navigation which will help the viewers to browse through your site efficiently. Don’t have a goose hunt and let your users wander around. Have a link which will redirect the users to the homepage when they click on the logo of your company. Simple and easy navigation will allow the users to go through the content in a better manner.


Make your site mobile-friendly:

We live in a world where people use their mobile phones to browse various things. If you feel that your customers will view your site on their phone, then you must make sure that you design a website which is mobile-friendly.

Look out for inspiration:

There are many things around you which can inspire you to create a design. Look out for various things which will match your website and design accordingly. You can also refer to other websites and check how the content is placed on the site. Only by observing and relating to many things you will be able to learn how to design a good website efficiently.

Always place yourself in the position of your user and think how your users would want the website to be designed. Once you understand that, you will be able to create a good site for your company. A good website will bring in more customers to your business and thus you need to take maximum efforts in creating a proper site.