Tips in Web Designing

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    1. Content first

    The first step is a mistake that a lot of us commit and that is selecting their design prior to determining what type of content they should have for their sites. Coming up with an idea about how you want your site to look is indeed very important and exciting at the same time. However, your content is what makes the identity of your website and its uniqueness compared to others. Hence, think about what content you have and design you will applying around that.

    1. Consistent branding

    Before you create a website, you must have to sort out your branding first such as identifying what you really stand for, having a color scheme, logo and typography. Then, this needs to be present on your entire website in order to stay consistent with your image.  Consistently utilize font and colors throughout the website as well.

    1. Logo

    In terms of branding, your logo must stand out throughout and must be utilized as a part of your navigation. Link your logo to your homepage since this is already anticipated by several people these days.

    1. Navigation

    Make your navigation as simple as possible. Nothing is worse than struggling to look for something on a site. In order to do this, you should have a simple horizontal menu on the top of your site with some drop down menus if necessary, particularly for desktop. In this manner, people are conformed to seeing a menu. Thus, do not make your user know a new way in terms of navigating your website since usually they can’t be bothered.

    1. Layout

    Make your layout attractive and clean. As much as you can, do not cram in front of your users, which leads them to now know where to look. Moreover, always remember to place contents that are eye-catching and valuable above the fold in order to catch the attention of your visitors.

    1. Images

    When it comes to web design, images are very essential. You can have the ideal layout for your site, however when your images are poor in quality, they will make your site look poor regardless of the design. Have an investment of taking your image properly or you can purchase a few stock images website.

    1. Mobile responsive

    Nowadays, mobile is how most individuals access your site. Hence, it does not only have to fit a mobile screen, but it must be usable as well. There is a variation between it being mobile friendly and mobile responsive. It must be easy to use and fit as the desktop version.

    1. Call to action

    The main purpose of your website is not only to look pretty. Its purpose is to attain the needed actions from its user. Regardless of that just to keep reading, visiting or to sell online. Here is when the call action takes place. Make it easy for a user to convert to a customer through putting interesting call to action buttons next to the data, which you think may push them to take the needed action.