The Advantages of Building your Website with Wix

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A plethora of content management systems is available on the internet. But one of them stands tall among the rest, say hello to Wix. Wix features a user-friendly interface that helps users design and organize their content with ease. It features a drag and drop functionality to quickly create, update, insert photos and videos, delete web content, and more.

Even if you don’t have enough experience in web design, Wix allows you to create from the ground up as easy as possible. It features a wide range of templates that you can choose to personalize your website depending on your preference. Today, Wix surpassed a total number of 35 million users, with almost 1.3 million new users registered every day.

WYSIWYG ( What You See Is What You Get )

With Wix’s intuitive drag and drop tool, you can effortlessly create websites without coding. You don’t have to worry how your website will look like. What you see inside Wix’s website builder is what you will also see when your website goes live on the web.

Let’s be honest; nobody wants to stay low on their business forever. With more and more competitors rising in the market these days, it’s necessary to add features on your website to make it more competitive. In that case, Wix offers you a variety of editing tools you can choose from for free.

Businesses these days would conventionally create different websites or platforms to manage their daily activities. This style is lackluster and feels tiresome and tedious.

But with Wix, managing all your businesses is effortless. As Wix allows you to integrate all of your business into one site without having to build another. Making things easier to control and organize all of its different aspects. Wix offers you to best tools for you to use, here are some of them.

G-Suite Mailbox

Custom emails is an interesting feature to make your brand as unique as possible. It can also help segregate different emails for a convenient way to sort and reply to urgent emails.

Customer interaction is significant for your business. If you want your customers to communicate with you directly, you can create an email like for them to use. Another thing is feedback which is also very important. If you want your customers to send you request, complaints, or opinions, you can create another email like This kind of email separation can help you manage and filter out which email belongs to this and that. Making it easier for you to read and reply to them separately without being confused.

The Wix App Market

We all see apps everywhere. It’s either on your smartphone or gaming console, apps have become a trend since they are introduced to our digital age. Wix also has an app market to help users take advantage their marketing services or businesses to the next level. With Wix’s app market, boosting your business branding to make it more professional is effortless.

Wix ShoutOut

If you want your business to have more customer engagement, the Wix ShoutOut is the right tool for you. Wix ShoutOut is a built-in email marketing platform. It lets users create, customize and send striking email campaigns to their contact lists. This tool is one way to increase customer engagement and also has the ability to share your newsletter for your web visitors.

The Wix Myth Buster

There are a lot of rumors about Wix. Some of them are true, and some of them are not. You can read down below some of the most common myths about Wix that are false.

  1. Wix is terrible at search engine optimization (SEO).

–    That hoax about Google picking one CMS over another is definitely fake. Wix is made up of Javascript, which is still used by many traditional websites. This is an advantage since Javascript sites were labeled as one of the most secure and best-performing sites. With that being said, your site which is made by Wix has a high chance of being ranked first just like any other site that’s built by WordPress or other platforms.

  1. Wix isn’t compatible with mobile.

–    Mobile phones are emerging as time goes by. People use them more frequently since it’s handy compared to desktops and laptops. This made Google add cellular responsivity for them to know if web visitors are satisfied with websites.

Wix comes with a built-in algorithm to optimize web pages and sites for mobile search engines. With Wix’s site builder, users can opt out some items to make their sites mobile friendly. Not only users can customize their mobile site interface, it can also let them see how their websites will look like inside the builder before making it live.