How Web Design Had Improved over the Last 5 Years

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Our digital age is improving from time to time, and so as Web design. With the rise of new web browsers, new forms of online browsing, changes in user methodology and search engine optimization, Web design also has to improve in order to keep up with today’s technology. Especially today where mobile phones are getting more popular than ever.

Those are the factors that affect Web design. Today, we’re going to explore how these factors have changed web design over the last five years.

The rise of new technology

Hardware and software are getting more sophisticated as years goes by. Such example is HTML5 and how it runs on different devices. Web designers have to think how to use HTML5 to their advantage. The first piece of software that supports HTML5 is Apple’s iOS. When the iPhone first came out, web designers have to understand how to fully utilize this feature to the device. HTML5 is great since it doesn’t need flash to add content to your site such as videos. Today, HTML5 has made its way to Android and Windows and became the standard of HTML coding.

Trends over time

Over the last five years, the trend inside the digital world is changing as technology advances. Web designers had to deal with these changes in order to catch up. Luckily, it turned out quite alright when it comes to web design itself.

A simple web page design has a lot of benefits. Particularly, there are three reasons why this is one of the most useful trend in web design. First, simple web pages are search engine friendly. They are also easier to optimize since they don’t have a complex architecture to begin with. Next, mobile web pages don’t need to be complex in order to function. Mobile pages are supposed to be lightweight, so building a web page that’s too complex as seen on a desktop might look different when viewed on mobile. Lastly, almost all popular websites today had a very simple web design. Simple web page design is becoming a standard in building websites. As this design is not just clean to look at, it also benefits mobile users since simple web pages are easy to render.

This trend of simplicity is very helpful for web designers to optimize their sites. It’s such a nice feeling when you go to a website that looks clean and well-organized. Gone are the days where a website uses a lot of unnecessary animations for opening menus and pages.

Web page methodology

Google is your friend especially when it comes to making web pages. By applying Google’s SEO rules, you can have a well-written HTML code for your website, making things cleaner and more organized to look at. This methodology has existed long before web design has existed. But it became more popular in the last few years and is being used by web designers by now.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is crucial when building a webpage. Web designers can use this advantage to make their websites rank highly on the internet. People who wire web designers are not just looking for a random website, they are looking for a website that will rank highly for better exposure to their businesses. So always keep in mind if you want more employers to hire you, be sure to follow SEO rules in building your site.

Web browsers on the rage

Back in the days, Internet Explorer is the only option of browsing the web especially if you’re on Windows. But as time passes by, new web browsers have emerged as technology rises. The likes of Google Chrome, Opera, Firefox, and Safari are dominating the web browser market. With different users using different browsers, a web designer should know how to optimize their web code to make it compatible with different browsers. The more browsers your webpage can support, the more users can visit your site.

Different forms of online browsing

Over the last five years, a lot of various devices are being made by different manufacturers. First, we only have the desktop computer and laptops. Now, we have smartphones that are more capable of doing anything, gaming consoles with built-in web browsers, and even holographic devices that can browse the web. Web designers can see this as an advantage and must think of a way how to utilize their sites on different devices.