How to be A Confident and Esteemed Freelance Designer


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In this world full of people and their emotions, you have to take into account the difference between the act of being nice and being too kind. The difference is mainly about valuing yourself and your time.  If you don’t know how to appreciate yourself properly and your time, people would tend to push you over or disrespect you in any way.

If you are or have been into freelance designing, this is something that you usually experience. Usually, the customers take a huge leap ahead of you even if you just made a stroll with them. Cases like these occur most especially when you’re a beginner and kind of timid at first. Customers and people, in general, will perceive you as a pushover and inexperienced. Worst case scenario, you’d feel down by the negativity and discourage you from pursuing the career.

As a worker and as a person, we are entitled to the right to equal and unjust treatment. It’s mostly upon your initiative to ensure that other people would treat you with the respect that you deserve. Below are the key terms and concepts you have to ingrain within your soul to remove that unjust treatment of others and this is especially true for the shy and timid people.

Never let the small things gnaw away

It becomes a questionable thing when a supposedly peaceful transaction turns out to be a chaotic one solely because of a tiny instance that happened. These small things could build up eventually and come biting back at you. When a client decides to take a step ahead of you, and you just left it alone, the tension deep inside of you could build up and turn into something ugly.

We can’t easily say that we should let it go. Sure, it might have been easy for others, but for some, it isn’t. The thought of someone doing a sneaky bitch-move on you would get most people riled up, but they are offered with no choice since it’s a customer.

In times of trouble, you have to destroy the ugly thoughts slowly building up in your mind. It’s just like putting out a fire before it spreads out, methodically remove the tumors growing in your heart by picking out the problems that need to be placed under the spotlight. Instead of hiding away when you are taken advantage of or treated unjustly, try to face the problem head-on.

An example for the appropriate situation that you have to settle would be when the client’s demand exceeds the agreed project, and you have to let them know that there will be extra payment for the extra work. Another is if they didn’t pay the agreed fee, point it out to them and ask them why the amount is lesser than the price specified in the agreement. It’s going to leave a bad aftertaste if you continue being shy and never approaching the person who’s at fault.

Create a written document for your policies

Once in a while, we have hazy areas in our agreements that could be available for elucidation. That is not generally a terrible thing, as it’s great to have at any rate some level of adaptability when working with a customer. But at the same time, it’s conceivably unsafe in that the wrong customer may surmise that it gives them the opportunity to take more than you feel they are qualified.

Since we are freelancers and professionals, we are the only one in this job, and we have no one to transfer the trouble. There’s a need for us to stand up for ourselves to protect our business and livelihood. Setting up your own rules would help to protect your business, and there could be something you could look back when there’s trouble in paradise.

The solution here ought to be reasonably easy. You’ll wish to create an instance that you simply have a contract or proposal that spells out the services you’re reaching to offer and its value noting that something not explicitly mentioned in your project may mean further charges for the client. A little bit of flexibility is okay; however, you’ll wish to guard yourself similarly.

If you have a written document of your rules and regulations, you could avoid facing problems that could ruin the relationship between you and the client. Have them read the rules you created and slowly explain to them the reason why you did this. If there’s a problem with the payment or extra workload, you have the contract to help you with your argument.

Know yourself and your worth

It’s easy for us to underestimate our capabilities and worth. Perhaps this is because there are tons of remarkably talented people who could offer way more services and better product than you. It’s easy to pinpoint how others are better than us, and we tend to forget how we are better than others too. We have this preconceived notion, especially for beginners, that others have more experience and are more capable than themselves. They start asking questions like how they could ever compete with others.

Don’t forget that those experienced professionals also started as to where you are. No one had a huge step up quickly, no one had it easy and most especially, no one thought it was easy.

It’s true that there could be others who are more talented than you or they have more experience, but it doesn’t mean that you could get easily dismissed. The truth is, there will always be someone better than you in many aspects, and you could also be better than them in certain aspects. Just because the professionals have more experience, doesn’t mean your time and effort doesn’t count.

Esteem shouldn’t be controlled by how we consider ourselves contrasted with others. Instead, we should center around what makes us one of a kind. In case you’re great at what you do and enthusiastic about it, that is something to separate you.

If you have faith in yourself and your talent, you could learn to value yourself and gain confidence. If you have confidence, you could lessen the problem of being taken advantage of. Know your value first before you do transactions.

Building your confidence

Building your self-confidence that could last for a long time is not an overnight project you could do. There are some who are born with the courage to back up their talent, and there are also some who are taking it slowly when it comes to be the center of the stage. Never panic about not having enough confidence and gradually build up your self-esteem as you go along the adventure.

In some cases, things just show signs of improvement with an encounter. The point of view you increase after some time can lead you to the ideal place. There are additionally sure minutes in our vocations that appear to work. Having the capacity to consider and convey the encounters I’ve had thoroughly have brought some clearness.

Only when we tend to value and respect ourselves will we tend to expect that very same treatment from others. In spite of how you get there, understand that it’s doable. In fact, simply taking a number of the steps above could place you on the proper path. The result is a healthier and happier approach to your work.