5 Things You Can Do to Develop Your Personal Brand


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The following are 5 things that you can perform immediately in order to develop your personal brand:

  1. LinkedIn

Nowadays, LinkedIn is one of the greatest business resources online. But, standing out on the world’s most extensive social network needs you to own a profile that is optimized to be found along with contributing your personal newsfeed on a daily basis.

In order to get the best out of LinkedIn, you need to update your profile to make sure that you have filled out the entire possible fields. Summary is the most important part of all since it’s the first thing that appears on Google once your LinkedIn profile appears. Moreover, it is the initial line of copy below your name that is apparent. In you LinkedIn profile, you can attach particular keywords that are related to your field. This is made to make sure that whenever somebody looks for a particular speaker related to your field, your profile will appear on the search results first.

  1. Facebook’s Industry groups

For each job function (such as marketing, real estate, Facebook ads, etc.) and industry, Facebook has virtual community groups for them. As of now, there are several groups that you can join to add value to the group, network, discover business opportunities and ultimately grow your personal brand.

  1. Instagram

Any kinds of businesses can tap into Instagram. Although, for personal brand building, the opportunities are limitless as you utilize Instagram stories to share a particular interesting “day in your life” at your company or to make a 60-second video through your cell phones to partake thought leadership and industry insights that will finally get others see you as an expert and notice you in your niche or industry.

  1. Blog

Writing for a famous publication does not occur overnight. As of now, you can develop your writing skills on LinkedIn, Facebook Notes and Medium. These provide immediate importance on websites, which are mostly visited, and makes contents that you can share all over your channels. Begin writing regarding your niche and give information about how your colleagues in your industry can perform their jobs better. Once you do this consistently and frequently and you will see overtime that you will be discovered. Might as well, you will be invited to speak at industry events.

  1. Public speaking

Speaking at industry events can help you grow your personal brand significantly over time. Although, in your industry, it would take time before you are given opportunities to speak at the big events. This is the reason why contributing thought leadership and online content and becoming active within social networks completely go hand in hand. In order to have the most out of industry events and conferences follow this tip: Run a search on Instagram and Twitter for the event hashtags  and then comment and line on the posts of those who will attend regardless if you are physically present or not.